Little Caesars ‘Love Kitchen’ parks in Richmond


The Little Caesars Love Kitchen parked in front of the Bay Area Rescue Mission at 200 Macdonald Ave. in Richmond on Wednesday.

In its third visit to the Richmond shelter and resources center, the big-rig equipped with a pizza kitchen dropped off enough pies to serve 300 local residents, many of them clients of the Rescue Mission. But the big rig didn’t wait around for very long.

This is one of two big rigs Little Caesars has deployed year-round since 1985 to serve meals to people in need across the nation and Canada, including when natural disasters strike. One of the big rigs is already off to Houston to assist victims of Hurricane Harvey. And the one that visited Richmond Wednesday may have one more local stop — in Oakland — before it is likely to join the effort in Houston, according to Rescue Mission spokesman Steve Lee, who learned this information from the truck’s staff.

The Rescue Mission served the Little Caesars pizzas alongside other foods in three separate midday meal services: an 11:15 a.m. feeding for men in its program; a 12:20 p.m. feeding for women and children in its shelter; and the third feeding is for emergency shelter guests, Lee said.


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