City plans to install 4-way stop at 37th St., Center Ave.

City plans to install 4-way stop at 37th St., Center Avenue

City of Richmond staff are proposing to turn the intersection at S. 37th Street and Center Avenue into a four-way stop to increase safety for pedestrians.

Speeding at the intersection has long been a concern. In 2007, the Pullman Point Neighborhood Council members launched a traffic study with the hope that traffic lights would be installed there. Funds for the traffic lights were not approved.

The neighborhood council has continued its pursuit of safety measures, citing concerns for pedestrians, particularly senior citizens. Eventually, city staff decided installing stop signs at the intersection would improve safety.

“Staff recommends the installation of a 4-way stop control that can be an alternative to the previously recommended traffic signal to allow more time for pedestrians and vehicles crossing the South 37th Street at Center Avenue,” according to city staff’s report.

The project appears on the consent calendar for Richmond City Council’s upcoming meeting Tuesday night.


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