Artist Spotlight: Minnie Phan inspires young minds at the RAC


By Zach Chouteau

With a gamut of creative summer programs about to blast off at the Richmond Art Center (RAC), the Rich Life thought it would be cool to check in with one of the artist-instructors at the vital venue.

And it would be challenging to find a cooler one than Minnie Phan, a talented young illustrator who graduated from the California College of Arts (CCA) a few years back with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. Focusing on illustration, animation, comic art and design, Phan has her own distinctively charming style and has already impressed such clients as NPR and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

Among the courses she’ll be instructing for youth at the RAC will be a DIY Camp (for ages 11-14) and Creative Explorers (ages 8-10).

To find out more about the RAC’s summer programming visit; to explore the work of Minnie Phan check out her website at

Zach Chouteau is a longtime travel writer and editor, and currently blogs about group and family getaways at Pineapple Go.


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