Osprey naming contest down to 10 finalists

Osprey naming contest whittled down to 10 finalists
Photo credit: Golden Gate Audubon Society.

Whirley, Windy, or Victory?

They are examples from the 300 name suggestions submitted by the public for the two Osprey chicks that recently hatched in a nest atop the historic Whirley Crane, located near the SS Red Oak Victory ship on Richmond’s waterfront.

Those 300 names suggestions have been whittled down to 10 finalists. Now, the Golden Gate Audubon Society has launched an online voting portal here to choose the two winning names among those 10 finalists, or visit the BayOspreys Facebook page.

The 10 finalist names are:

The ten finalist names include: Whirley (for the Whirley Crane, where the nest is located); Windy (so much wind on the nest!); Pride (Pride and Purpose is the city motto of Richmond); Purpose (Pride and Purpose is the city motto of Richmond); Victory (for nearby Red Oak Victory ship); Oakey (for nearby Red Oak Victory ship); Rivet (for Rosie the Riveter, plus we are all riveted to the nest); Ohlone (for the original residents of the Bay Area, who revere raptors); Brooks (for Brooks Island, beyond the nest); and Angel (for Angel Island).

“This is a wonderful way for people to participate in the lives of these fascinating birds,” said Cindy Margulis. “We’re thrilled so many people have fallen in love with them. As they continue to grow, it will be great to call them something other than Chick 1 and Chick 2!”

In March, GGAS launched a camera surveillance system at the nest site to observe the behaviors of a female named “Rosie” and a male named “Richmond.” The Ospreys produced their two chicks on Friday, May 12 and on Sunday, May 14, which was Mother’s Day.

The young Ospreys will spend 50 to 55 days in the nest before they fledge (learn to fly).


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