Christian Science Monitor calls Pogo Park founder ‘playground whisperer’

Pogo Park fundraising for its Summer Play Program at Elm Playlot
Photo credit: Pogo Park

Pogo Park, the Iron Triangle nonprofit that hires local residents to transform the city’s parks into vibrant community spaces, has been featured in a great article by the The Christian Science Monitor.

The publication aptly called Pogo Park’s founder Toody Maher an “urban visionary” and “playground-whisperer.”

“If you want to see how a community is doing, look at its playgrounds,” Maher told CSM.

Among its projects, Pogo Park created Elm Playlot and Harbour-8 Park, two attractive oases of fun and activity for the whole family on once-dilapidated, underutilized sites. Currently, a UC Berkeley professor is studying the effect Pogo Park has been having on the community.

But the best part about this piece is how much we learn about Maher, including her background and what led her to becoming the queen of park renovation in Richmond.

We encourage our readers to check out the full story here.


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