Modernized marriage: Chevron refinery upgrade leads to love connection

Chevron Richmond Refinery Modernization Project inspires marriage

The ongoing $1 billion modernization project building a newer, safer and cleaner Chevron Richmond Refinery is now being credited for its part in building a love connection.

In January of last year, Diana Bautista, a longtime Richmond resident, had no idea that earning a position as payroll specialist on the Modernization Project would lead to meeting her future husband.

After meeting many new people while working on the project, she met Civil Superintendent Gary Donaldson, who is from Illinois.

 “He was always one of those guys that always says ‘yes’ when you need help, but then I realized he was saying yes because he liked me,” Diana said.

On one of their first dates, they visited Alcatraz with a group of friends. When they were ready to come home, Diana suggested a carpool back to Richmond to avoid the traffic.

“It wasn’t until later that I found out he kept ignoring my request to car pool because he wanted to spend some time alone with me,” Diana said.

The two started dating in May 2016 and were quickly engaged thereafter.

 “One day in September, he just proposed. Asked me right outside of his apartment.”

They were married in a small ceremony in Martinez, with Diana describing the experience as being “like the movies, where everyone just melts away and it’s just you left – it was amazing.”

“Who knew that working on Modernization would help me find a job and a husband – but I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” she said.


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