New NIAD artist shows off diverse set of talents


By Zach Chouteau

In our newest edition of the Rich Life, we checked in at the NIAD Art Center and spoke with one of the newer individuals to join their fold.

Rebecca Jantzen is an experienced artist who began coming to the unique art center just a few months ago and has already wowed instructors and fellow artists with her array of talents.

Originally from Southern California, Jantzen has lived in the Bay Area since 1993 and been married since 1999. She enjoys linoleum print-making, ceramics, kinetic sculpture and acrylic painting, among other mediums.

“I really like the programs at NIAD,” she told the Standard. “They treat you like adults here and let you work very independently. 

The teachers are very helpful if you need them, but don’t over-manage the artists. It’s a very loving place.”

Standing for Nurturing Independence through Artistic Development, NIAD works with numerous artists with developmental disabilities and helps promote their independent living. The NIAD Art Center is located at 551 23rd Street in Richmond, has no entry fee and is home to frequent receptions, workshops and other events. Find out more at


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