Osprey Cam films nest atop historic Whirley Crane


An Osprey nest resting atop the historic Whirley Crane in Richmond has attracted more than just media cameras.

Two high-definition video cams have been constructed around the nest so that its Osprey occupants — a female named “Rosie” and a male named “Richmond” — can be observed by both the public and experts alike 24 hours per day.

On Wednesday, the Golden Gate Audubon Society (GGAS) held a media conference to introduce the new “Osprey Cam” system mounted onto the maritime crane, which is located next to the SS Red Oak Victory ship at 1337 Canal Blvd.

The video cams, which include infrared technology for filming at night, are live-streamed at SFBayOspreys.org.

A raptor that kills fish with its feet, the Osprey typically have nests near water, said Cindy Margulis, GGAS executive director. But there are only a few dozen such nests in the Bay Area, where Osprey aren’t historically common. While recent observations reveal the potential for a declining population globally, the Osprey population is in fact on the rise in the Bay Area, Margulis said.

The cameras will allow for their close observation in order to develop a better understanding of how they can thrive alongside the Bay Area’s significant human population.

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt says the presence of the new nest near a floating museum is yet another reason visitors will flock to the city.


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