Target funding single-day rebuild of Wendell Park in Richmond

Target funds single-day rebuild of Richmond's Wendell Park

Target is set to bring a fleet of volunteers to a single-day renovation of Wendell Park in Richmond’s North & East neighborhood on March 17.

Members of the community are now being called upon to volunteer alongside the company, city, Friends of Richmond Recreation and KaBOOM! in the effort to transform the underserved park at 26th Street and Wendell Avenue into a vibrant community gathering space featuring a play structure, new trees and benches.

The park renovation stems from a KaBOOM! grant received by the Friends of Wendell Park. The grant fosters partnerships between businesses and communities to rebuild a park in one day. The rebuild at Wendell Park will begin at 8:30 a.m. on March 17, but volunteers will also be needed for a prep day on Wednesday, March 15.  Some 40 community volunteers will be needed to get everything ready for build day, including cutting wood and organizing all parts needed to build a new play structure in the park.

Volunteers will be fed breakfast and lunch on both days along with water and snacks.

For those who can’t make the time to help out, monetary donations are another way to assist. Donations can be made to the Richmond Friends of Recreation website.

“We’re going to plant some trees; this park has never had trees,” said Jan Mignone, president of the North & East Neighborhood Council.

She said she grew up around the corner from the underutilized park, recalling that it once had a playground where she would play.

A park design day was accomplished in January, and the single-day rebuild took under two months to prepare, Mignone said.


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