Elderly Richmond man contacts 7 On Your Side about newspaper delivery


At 96 years old, longtime Richmond resident Selbie cannot move around like he used to, but he still loves his daily newspaper.

Unfortunately, the person who used to drop his East Bay Times newspaper right on his front porch is no longer his deliveryperson. The person who took over the job would chuck the newspaper from a moving truck, causing the newspaper to land everywhere but the front porch.

That made it difficult for the 96-year-old to fetch his paper without worry about injury. Selbie contacted the East Bay Times to no avail, so he then called 7 On Your Side‘s Michael Finney, who has made a career of helping consumers overcome unfortunate circumstances.

7 On Your Side contacted the East Bay Times and got them to start delivering to Selbie’s front porch again, but that only lasted about three weeks, according to Finney.

So Finney’s team contacted the East Bay Times for a second time. The next day, the deliveryperson met with Selbie’s neighbor and close friend, Robert, and from then on the paper has been delivered straight to Selbie’s front porch.

To watch the full 7 On Your Side video report, go here.


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