Richmond police officers linked to sex scandal face discipline


Even though they did not commit crimes, a Richmond police investigation recommends disciplining some of the officers who were investigated for their contact with a teen who was sexually exploited by dozens of cops from multiple law enforcement agencies, according to a Monday letter from Richmond police Chief Allwyn Brown to Richmond City Council.

The San Francisco Chronicle published Brown’s letter regarding the case involving Celeste Guap, the 19-year-old self-proclaimed sex worker from Richmond who said she had sexual contact with nearly 30 Bay Area officers. At least four officers had done so prior to Guap turning 18, the teen has said.

None of the Richmond officers had contact with her when she was a minor, Brown has said.

In the Monday letter, posted below in full, Chief Brown reiterated that while the actions of Richmond officers were not criminal, some who were investigated violated multiple department policies and the professional code of ethics.

Richmond’s internal probe involved 11 officers, although some them have been exonerated. Only one of five officers identified in news reports has been placed on administrative leave. Officers who were deemed to be involved with Guap in an unethical manner may avoid prosecution, but they do face varying degrees of disciplinary action, Brown said.

“I cannot provide a detailed accounting on corrective and punitive recommendations affecting the subjects of our investigation,” Brown’s letter said. “Recommendations vary in severity and span the graduated scale of options, and range from termination from employment to letters of reprimand and corrective counseling — all in proportion to the respective employees’ sustained misconduct violations.”

Thus far, seven East Bay police officers have been charged in connection with the case in Alameda County Superior Court.

RPD’s internal probe had investigators reviewing more than 10,000 text messages, 5,000 social media pages and contacting 45 individuals.

Read Brown’s letter in full:




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