Richmond police round up another group of suspected gang members

Richmond police round up another group of suspected gang members

Richmond police announced the arrested four people, including three known gang members, in the 100 block of S. 6th Street last Friday.

The bust occurred just three days after a group of suspected gang members were arrested following a brief chase that also began on 6th Street.

The arrests are linked to RPD’s efforts to silence a recent spate of gang-related violence and criminal activity.

The Friday bust occurred about 8 p.m. in the 100 block of S. 6th Street, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.

While on patrol, two Richmond officers approached an occupied, parked car to chat with the occupants, Tan said. One of the officers recognized one of occupants as a “validated Richmond gang member” who was on probation for a gun conviction. The cop also smelled marijuana inside the car, and so all occupants were asked to exit the car for a search, Tan said.

Since California Highway Patrol officers were in the area assisting with RPD with crime reduction efforts, two of the agency’s police dogs were called to the scene. The dogs were alerted to the dashboard in the suspect car, police said.

carbust.3-6“RPD officers checked and realized the air vents were loose,” Tan said. “A tug on the vents revealed a hidden area where a loaded .40 caliber Glock (unregistered) with an extended magazine was hidden. There were also several individually packaged marijuana sacks.”

One of the suspects was found to have individually packaged marijuana in his pockets. Combined, the suspect were holding cash in different denominations totaling more than $4,000, and none of the suspects had medicinal marijuana cards, Tan said. Two other detainees were also known Richmond gang members, with one being on parole for murder, he added.

The suspects were identified as Edward Stephens, 27, (on probation), Diari Dansby, 32 (on parole), Kamari Thomas, 34 and Jacob Terry, 26. All except for Terry were identified as validated gang members by police and will face gang enhancement charges, among others.

“We are proud of our officers’ tenacity and their relentless pursuit of individuals committing violence in our community,” Tan said. “We also appreciate CHP’s partnership in our violence reduction efforts.”


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