Mayor Butt issues statement on Chief Magnus’ hiring in Tucson

Community invited to farewell party for Richmond police Chief Chris Magnus

By Mayor Tom Butt,

We obviously want the best for our Police Chief but it’s still a mixed bag for me, others on the City Council, City Hall, and residents.  He came to Richmond nearly 10 years ago when the homicide rate in the City was at an all-time high, morale in the police department was low, and relationships with the community were strained and practically non-existent.  Our homicide rate is now the lowest in decades, instituted a real community policing model that’s praised nationwide, has made our police force one of the best trained and most respected in the region.  Most importantly, he has built trust again between our community and law enforcement.

The City of Tucson is lucky to have him.

He’s a principled man who embodies professionalism, integrity, and fairness.  He has my utmost respect.

He’s put together an excellent command staff who reflects his principles in policing.  I can’t say I’m looking forward to finding his replacement, but I am confident the City of Richmond will find a worthy next police chief to continue leading our police department.

We’ll be okay.


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