Kennedy High seeking speakers for career event on Jan. 21

Kennedy High School rooms ransacked, valuables taken, in heartless burglary

Kennedy High is seeking speakers for its “Career, College Changing our Community” program on Jan. 21, a student sponsored event aiming to get young people college and career ready.

Richmond professionals from diverse careers as well as college students are encouraged to stop by the school and share how high school prepared them for their futures, offering examples of how they contribute to positive change in the world.

“Many of our students face great personal challenges each day and they would benefit from hearing from speakers who mentor youth and serve the needs of struggling families,” said coordinator Jamie Myrick. “Each of our students will benefit from getting a clearer understanding that every class they take in school can open the door to rewarding future.”

The students wanted to hold the event on Jan. 21, which is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, as a testament to their desire to contribute to their school and community.

“It is our desire to not only have students who are college and career ready, but we want them to be prepared to make a positive change in their communities,” Myrick said. “We are seeking speakers to share strategies for being successful in the classroom, advantages to college education or training in the trades, and how it opens the door for making change possible.

If you are unavailable on Jan. 21 but wish to support the program, share this story with friends and co-workers who might be interested.

The Kennedy journalism class also welcomes speakers on Wednesdays after lunch throughout the school year.

“Our speakers will help to plant a dream seed into the hearts of our eagles,” Myrick said.

Speakers might discuss the following:

– Requirements and responsibilities of your particular profession or your college major
– The skills, knowledge and education you bring to it
– The formal study, training or learning experiences that is relevant to your work
– The income possibilities
– The challenges and the joy of what you do best
– How your family and friends encouraged you along you journey
– Describe projects, program and events you participate in to bring positive change

“Our students need to understand the significance of basic skills: reading, math, working in a group, problem solving, communication, persistence and the importance of taking owner ship for their education,” Myrick said.

Contact Myrick for further information at (510) 333-1306.


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