We dined at Xiang Xiang Noodle


The Standard joined friends at the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation last week in a visit to Xiang Xiang Noodle in El Sobrante.

Remarkably delicious food kept coming, and coming, and coming at the restaurant at 454 Appian Way, courtesy of Mr. Tong, his family and staff.

Earlier this year, we wrote about this popular restaurant’s opening. Since then, Mr. Tong has made it known that he’s looking for a new location due to the lack of parking at his current site.  He’s reportedly considering Hilltop, El Cerrito, Berkeley or Richmond for his restaurant.

Wherever Xiang Xiang goes, people will certainly come. It is known for its authentic knife-cut noodles, long stretched noodles (“la mien”), and other dishes representative of Shanshee Province in China. Mr. Tong thrives on traditional, home-cooked recipes, and his goal at the end of every shift is that customers leave happy.
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From our experience, it was mission accomplished.

The Richmond Standard joined Vivian Wong and Roya Babayhosseini of the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation

Every dish tasted as Mr. Tong had intended: fresh, homemade and bursting with satisfying flavors. All the flour to make the dough comes from his own recipe. Every time you order a dish, they’re going to slice that dough fresh so it’s never sitting there. The broth is additionally homemade with natural ingredients.

There’s a cold dish especially for the summer, paired with a cold tea, a tradition in his hometown. Buckwheat noodle is used in the dish, a healthy alternative that is both refreshing to the palate and experience.

Traditionally, chefs manually shaved the noodles with a knife. But Mr. Tong invested in a knife-cutting machine to ensure his delicious dishes can be served during the dinner rush.

As homemade as the food is the atmosphere. Regulars sit at their same tables, and often diners end up striking up relationships with strangers during their meal experience.

It’s all part of this restaurant’s goal to ensure a pleasant experience and atmosphere for the whole family.


  1. It’s “Shanxi” province not Shanshee.

    It could also be “Shaanxi,” a similar name, but different province.

  2. They should definitely open at Hilltop Mall when they remodel, the food was definitely fresh and was very “refreshing”


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