One-of-a-kind Richmond baking company celebrates fifth year


By Zach Chouteau

We recently caught up with a Richmonder hailing the fifth-year hallmark of her baked-goods company, which was a dream come true—literally.

You see, Rosa Robinson was inspired to open her Sweet Dreams Bake Shop by an actual dream she had during a challenging stretch between jobs.  

“I dreamt one night about cupcakes and cake pops—and I never dream about food,” she told the Standard. Seeing the ‘sweet dream’ as a divine inspiration, Robinson went that same morning to apply for food-handling and business name licensing. Five years later to the month, Sweet Dreams is sailing along and fulfilling its customers’ dreams with customized cakes for any occasion.

What’s truly amazing is that Robinson had no formal training as a baker or even much experience with the challenging endeavor. But she has learned along the way by never turning down an order for lack of seasoning, and has taught herself all the requisite skills, cake by cake, since launching her company in March 2013.

Working out of her home and commercial kitchens, Robinson is all about creatively constructing cakes that suit her customer’s requests perfectly, be they focused on people, places or things. She says that orders run a wide gamut—from Louis Vuitton purses to fancy shoes and even “anatomically-correct bachelorette-party cakes,” Robinson laughs. Customized cakes for kids are another in-demand request.

Frozen, Paw Patrol and Cars are probably the most popular current trend in that area,” she said regarding themed birthday cakes for the younger crowd.

In addition to mastering the art of cake-making, Robinson has also self-taught herself all the other aspects of managing a small business, from branding to bookkeeping. But there is no aspect of the biz she enjoys more than making a customer happy by crafting a colorful cake.

“My favorite part of baking these concept cakes is seeing the look on my customers’ faces,” Robinson explained. “The ‘wow’ factor.”

Single and originally from San Diego, Robinson has been in Richmond since 2010 and has come to truly feel at home here.

“I’ve gotten to love Richmond,” she said. “And I really feel like a native now.”

To find out more about Rosa Robinson and Sweet Dreams visit her company website at


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