Two months after marrying, Richmond couple launches food biz


Philip and Kim Mitchell got married in November. But things really started cookin’ two months later.

Right after tying the knot, the couple launched their first business, Kim’s Louisiana Fried Turkey & Stuff.

Perhaps launching a new business with your brand new spouse can get complicated, but the Mitchells are keeping it simple. The turkey slider they serve comes with just two ingredients: Homemade whole wheat rolls, and meat.

“We really want our fried turkey and our friend chicken to be the star of the show,” Philip Mitchell said.

The couple deep fries their meats right before serving. They have been operating out of the Richmond Civic Center Farmers’ Market for three weeks.

“We are excited to be here, excited to be local and with the people of Richmond,” said Kim Mitchell, a lifelong Richmond resident and De Anza High alum.

The couple says they not only serve locally, but shop locally, and love Richmond for its weather, location and culture.


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