Homegrown Curbside Kitchen serves up Filipino flavors American-style

Homegrown Curbside Kitchen serves up Filipino flavors American-style
Brothers Russell (left) and Raynard (right) launched Curbside Kitchen last year.

Even before Russell Lozano became a chef, the pairing of Filipino and American food seemed obvious.

Lozano had sought to unite the traditional ingredients and flavors his mother had used with what was being served at the popular burger joint in town. After all, both were delicious.

Fortunately, the emerging chef’s brother, Raynard, shares his passion for Filipino-American fusion and is also quite business-savvy. Last year, the Lozano brothers launched Curbside Kitchen, an emerging food truck business that offers, among other dishes, a burger marinated in soy sauce and garlic and topped with a slaw of pickled-carrot and green papaya.

“It’s traditional Filipino flavors served up American-style, in the form of burgers, sandwiches — occasionally we do tacos and burrito specials — and nachos,” Russell said.

Curbside Kitchen has its truck at various local locations, including at the Friday farmers market at Richmond Civic Center and East Brother Beer Co. The truck has quickly gained notoriety, fueling Raynard’s dream of expansion.

“I would love to acquire more food trucks along the same lines of pushing out Filipino-American cuisine,” Raynard said. “And we would also love to own a brick and mortar some day, to establish ourselves…and to be able to open in this community, that would be fabulous.”

The brothers say they can’t think of a better place to launch a business than the community that raised them.

“This is a community that has people from every walk of life, from various economic backgrounds and cultures from all around the world. And somehow no matter who you are, you are part of this community; you are welcomed,” Raynard said. “You don’t find that anywhere else….it’s great to see.”

Chef Russell added, “Lots of good things are about to come out of Richmond, and we want to be a part of that.”

“At the end of the day, Richmond is home and it will always be home,” Raynard added.

To learn more about the business, visit its website here.


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