East Brother Beer gets artsy with Solstice Sunday

Photos by Zach Chouteau

By Zach Chouteau

The ‘Rich Life’ segment dropped by East Brother Beer Co.’s taproom on Sunday, June 24, where you almost needed a scorecard to keep up with the fun during its Solstice Sunday event. A partnership with Richmond Art Center, the Arts of Point Richmond and Food Emporium, the event featured food trucks, art displays, on-site mural-making, live acoustic guitar tunes and mosaic demonstrations.

Hundreds of event-goers turned up during the course of the day, perusing the several artist booths—including one hosted by the Richmond Art Center and its Executive Director Ric Ambrose. Other highlights included the hip works of Luis Alvarez—who does really cool photo-realistic works focused on Chicano culture—and the unique mixed-media creations of Erin McCluskey Wheeler.

While I’d been by the taproom several times on my own, this was my first chance to check it out with my family along, and my wife and our six-year-old son both had an awesome time. Logan can be a picky eater on occasion, but that definitely wasn’t the case as we dined on Asian-fusion food truck fare from Curbside Kitchen. The lumpia (spring rolls) and a pulled-pork banh mi sandwich were definitely the standouts, as we kicked back on the cavernous taproom’s gigantic couch.

A soulful acoustic guitarist/singer added a nice background vibe as attendees checked out and took part in the artistic doings and displays and indulged in East Brothers’ regular gamut of offerings as well—playing ping-pong, pool, pinball and old-time video games. Logan might have gone through a roll of quarters in about half an hour, but it was worth it to see the smile on his face. And I couldn’t personally resist reliving some of my own youth with a few cracks at the old classic Galaga.

My wife pointed out how multigenerational the crowd was at the event and the venue really does appeal to all ages in general. East Brother Beer Co. has also become a true event hub, even with its tucked-away locale down Canal Boulevard in Richmond, including its popular Wednesday night Rec League showcasing pub contests of everything from pool to bocce to ping-pong.

To find out more, visit the East Brother Beer website at www.eastbrotherbeer.com.