Families can create art while DJ performs at Richmond Art Center’s Upcycle festival


The Richmond Art Center’s extremely fun Upcycle festival is taking place Saturday from noon to 4 p.m., on Saturday when families will launch into creative art-making while enjoying live music by Vanessa Espinoza, aka DJ Agana (pictured).

The Upcycle festival will feature numerous hands-on activities that reuse materials headed for the landfill.

Families will be able to print their creative artwork onto T-shirts to take home, and will also be able to make copper-pressed drawings, colorful mosaics, relief prints with recycled materials, floating plastic sculptures, back strap weaving and more.

Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Richmond Art Center is located at 2540 Barrett Ave.

Don't miss Richmond Art Center's free Holiday Arts Festival this SaturdayHere is a list of activities to be offered at Saturday’s festival:

Back-strap Weaving & Woven Bookmarks:

Learn the basics of weaving on a simple back-strap loom, discover new techniques and make a tapestry with found recycled materials. Using small cardboard looms, make simple woven bookmarks

with Travis Meinolf in the courtyard

Mosaic Treasure Box:

Come embellish a City of Richmond trash can, with recycled ceramic & mosaic pieces and turn it into a Treasure Box. After the festival, the Treasure Box will live on a street corner in the neighborhood!

with Daud Abdullah in the courtyard

Upcycled Relief Printmaking:

Join us in learning how to turn our everyday trash into creative printmaking tools! At the Upcycled Relief Printmaking station, we will use everyday discarded items like bubble wrap, straws, string, cups and cardboard to make graphic, beautifully printed (recycled!) papers.

with Dawn Gonzales in the courtyard

Copper Scrap Drawings:

Come by to make jewelry & sculpture with a variety of materials like painted cardboard, plastic bottles, sequins, office supplies, plus so much more using a variety of techniques!

with Taylor Zarkades King in the Metals Shop

Printed Patches:

Join us in the Printmaking studio for the creation of printed patches made from recycled jeans. Great opportunity to re-purpose a favorite garment  and keep it out of the landfill.

with Joyce Shon in the printmaking studio

Silkscreen your own T-shirt:

Silkscreen and take home your very own T-shirt. Choose from a variety of designs made by Richmond Art Center teaching artists, to print onto your shirt.

with Michael Perkin in the courtyard

Book Making:

Learn how to make three different book structures out of recycled office supplies!

With Lisa di Prima in the Youth Studio

Floating Plastic Sculptures:

Ever wonder what to do with all your plastic bottles? Turn them into sculptures! Join us in making floating underwater sea creatures using plastic bottles and containers.

With Bre Gipson in the courtyard


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