Richmond-raised Lil Dmac’s rise as artist fueled by creative honesty, smarts

Richmond-raised Lil Dmac's rise as artist fueled by creative honesty, smarts

Many folks in Richmond need no introduction to Lil Dmac, the budding young lyricist who is developing a reputation for his hustle as much as his memorable rhymes.

An unsigned, relative newcomer with only initial bodies of work under his belt, including “Somthin’ U Can Ride To,” the Richmond born-and-raised artist has amassed more than 32,000 Twitter followers, some of whom can’t help but quote his songs or declare his latest single, “None Of My Business,” their favorite track of the moment.

Lil Dmac’s early success has much to do with his beats and rhymes, but his creative honesty and intelligent storytelling are most noteworthy. Some of his lyrics tell the story of a conflicted young man riding the fence between right and wrong. While the young rapper knows the difference, he exhibits why it’s not always so simple for Richmond youth to choose the correct path.

In the video for his song, “Get Right,” Lil Dmac recalls how a stint in jail made it clear to him that education and music are more effective pathways to success than hustling on the streets. But in a scene halfway through the video, Lil Dmac and members of his crew are treated like criminals while attempting to pay for drinks and snacks at a local liquor store. The rapper quickly becomes an accessory to a robbery and shooting after one of his offended friends overreacts.

In the song, Lil Dmac, who recounts how is father was shot, also brushed aside those who mock his choice of music over street life.

“Never did good at school, the teacher said I was defiant,” he rhymes in Get Right. “But now I bounce back and started doing all assignments. Said I was a rapper and they all started laughin’, but now when they see me they be like Dmac you be gassin.”

Lil Dmac vows to remain focused on music. He’s currently working on a compilation album and building a brand with his crew, the Wop Boyz (which stands for We On Paper), which includes equally impressive up-and-comers Lil Rob, Tazzy D and Pharaoh.

While growing up in his environment hasn’t been easy, Lil Dmac says he is blessed to live in Richmond.

“I love the environment and vibes and how artists can link up and work with each other easily,” he told the Richmond Standard. “[The city] inspires me by the love I get, from kids to grown ups, and…inspires me to keep creating and working.”

His ultimate goal is to build his own label through a record label and work with many different artists.

If you want to catch Lil Dmac live in the next few weeks, you’ll have to travel south. His next gig is May 9 at Venice Beach in Los Angeles.


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