Grateful Dead sound man’s side gig: Making LSD in Point Richmond basement

Grateful Dead sound man's side gig: Making LSD in Point Richmond basement

Some interesting facts involving a Grateful Dead sound man who apparently lived in Point Richmond in 1966 were reported in a Bay Area News Group article Friday.

The sound man, named Owsley Stanley, doubled as an “underground chemist who specialized in LSD,” the newspaper said.

“In 1966 alone, Stanley and a few others reportedly turned out 300,000 tabs of LSD in his basement lab in Point Richmond,” according to the Merc.

Perhaps this was a well known fact. It was the first we had heard of it. But it came to light in a story about an old truck that is up for auction and had been used to ship Grateful Dead sound equipment. The 1949 Studebaker, which was first purchased by Stanley, will be auctioned off next week at Michaan’s Auctions in Alameda.


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