Here’s how Richmond resident Carlos Salazar fared on CBS’ Price is Right

Carlos Salazar (left) appeared on CBS' Price is Right show alongside host Drew Carey Monday.

Earlier this month, we told you to root for Richmond resident Carlos Salazar on CBS’ Price is Right, after show officials informed us he would appear on the show Monday.

The episode is now available to view online, but we’ll save you time by giving you the results:

Salazar was called down from the audience to compete after the third commercial break. He made it onto the stage with host Drew Carey by coming closest to guessing the price of a cookware set. He then won $1,000 out of a possible $25,000 in the Punch a Bunch game. Unfortunately, he did not get an opportunity to earn more after coming up short while spinning The Big Wheel.

While on stage, Salazar gave shout outs to his family and coworkers.

“I’d like to say happy birthday to my son, Carl, and to my other children Charlie and Oliver and to all my friends and coworkers,” Salazar said.


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