Richmond’s Kool John debuts ‘Wobble’ two days ahead of album release

Fans of one of Richmond's best known rappers, Kool John, are getting restless on Twitter as they await the release of his next album.

The Twittersphere has mainly one word to describe Richmond rapper Kool John’s new anthem, “Wobble,” which debuted Tuesday: slappin’.

The single features two members of Kool John’s Richmond crew, The Heartbreak Gang: Skipper and Iamsu!, the track’s producer. The song was the second to be released in advance of Kool John’s highly anticipated album $chmopcity, which is set to drop Thursday.

A packed listening party for the album took place last night in San Francisco.

Here’s the new song: (WARNING: the lyrics are not suitable for children)

And here’s the new album’s track list:



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