Where in the world is $hmopcity? Fans eagerly await Kool John’s next album

Fans of one of Richmond's best known rappers, Kool John, are getting restless on Twitter as they await the release of his next album.

Fans of one of Richmond’s best known rappers, Kool John, are getting restless on Twitter.

Kool John keeps promising to release his latest album, $hmopcity, at some point this month. Almost daily, he teases fans by Tweeting images of the album cover, which has done much to incite some of his 24,700 followers. For example:

shmop3shmopcity5Naturally, Kool John declined to share the album drop date with the Richmond Standard. However, he did tell us that he was raised in Richmore Village, that his fondest memories of Richmond are from his childhood, and that $hmopcity is his fifth project to date.

When asked how Richmond influences his music, Kool John brought up a good point that it is not necessarily the city but rather its residents who make a mark.

“Richmond doesn’t really influence me,” he said. “I hope to influence Richmond.”

Kool John is a member of the Heartbreak Gang (HBK), a Richmond-based click that has seen an exponential rise in popularity recently. Another HBK member, Iamsu, just released an album that features a slew of hip hop heavyweights and a hit single.

We’ll let you know when Kool John’s album finally drops. Till then, we’ll tease you with the full album cover:



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