iTunes chart-topping Iamsu and Heartbreak Gang interviewed by kids

Fresh off the iTunes chart-topping album, Richmond's Heartbreak Gang sat down for an interview with kids in Hollywood.

Fresh off his iTunes chart-topping album release Tuesday, Iamsu! and his Richmond crew, The Heartbreak Gang, agreed to be interviewed by kids at a Hollywood studio.

The resulting video is golden.

The interview included HBK members Iamsu, Sage The Gemini, Kool John, Skipper, Jay Ant and P-Lo.

Here are some highlights from the talk:

Kid: What does HBK stand for?

HBK’s several answers: Heartbreak Kids. Hashbrown Kouncil. Hella Brown Kids.

Kid: How did you come up with that name?

Iamsu: We thought of it in high school. We were ditching school. I picked him up. We went to KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Kid: You all went to KFC?

HBK: (laughs) We went to high school at KFC. KFC High.

Later in the interview, one of the kids asked Jay Ant why he wears sweat pants with a button-up shirt. Jay Ant waited impatiently for his crew to stop laughing to answer.

“I am what you would call a summer boy,” he explained. “When you are a summer boy, you wear sum of this, sum of that, sum of this, and sum of that.”

Of everyone, Skipper had to answer the most difficult question.

“Why are your tweets so evil Skipper?” the kid said.

“It’s how I feel, man,” Skipper said. “I express how I feel.”

One of the kids even busted out a sweet rhyme, with HBK using their hands and voices to provide a proper beat. And Sage the Gemini tried on a very small t-shirt. It was a gift, after all.

Iamsu!’s debut album, Sincerely Yours, was officially released Tuesday. The album’s first single, “Only that Real,” has been on the radio and features 2 Chainz and Sage the Gemini.

To watch the whole video, visit here (


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