Hike and a burger: Couple’s travel series starts here


A Point Richmond couple has begun a series of 5-minute videos that takes viewers for a hike and cheeseburger in the Bay Area.

Check out their first video in Pt. Richmond, where the couple went on a 3.6-mile jaunt along the Crest Trail that ended at the Great American Hamburger & Pie Co. at 35 East Richmond Ave.:

The couple, actor Patrick Jones and kindergarten teacher Katie McGee, moved to Pt. Richmond a year ago after McGee began teaching at Grant Elementary School at 2400 Downer Ave.

“I’ve loved travel journalism for a long time, both written and in television doc style,” Jones told the Standard. “I’ve had this little pipe dream about trying it out for a while. I thought that it would be fun to make a series of 5-minute episodes that would include a hike and a cheeseburger in and around the Bay Area…never more than $10 bucks for the burger hopefully.”

It helped that McGee is a talented photographer, Jones added.

All hiking trails in the series would be easily accessible.

“You can park your car, hike a beautiful trail, eat a cheeseburger, have a great time and do it all on the cheap,” Jones said. “We want to share the idea that it doesn’t take much around here to have a great day.”

Their next hike and burger won’t be far away.

“We were thinking of doing the Albany bulb and Al’s Big Burger,” Jones said, adding that he and McGee love living in Pt. Richmond.


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