San Pablo receives state funds to combat tobacco sales to minors


San Pablo today received $612,000 in state funds to combat the sales of tobacco products to minors.

The grant, a large portion of a $37.5 million state funding stream to combat illegal sales to minors, was covered by KPIX Ch. 5, and shared by the San Pablo Police Department on Facebook.

“San Pablo received a portion of this grant funding to help our Police Department address this serious public health concern by battling underage smoking within our community,” San Pablo police reported. “This grant will help our Police Department fund operations, retailer training programs, the installation of signage, youth outreach, tobacco retail license inspections, training for sworn personnel, and other activities.”

San Pablo, which encompasses 2.63 square miles, has seven schools and more than 60 businesses that sell tobacco, according to the KPIX report. More than 4,000 students live in and around the city, Lt. Brian Bubar told the news station.


  1. Stopping brick and mortar business helps, but when big online businesses are allowed to do what they want, it does not really make a difference. The FDA does very little to crack down on sales of tobacco products to minors. eBay sells over 10,000,000 per month, much of this to minors. Even though eBay states they do not allow tobacco products, they will not remove reported items. You can easily check this by reporting an item, then check a month later and it will still be there. Myself and many people I know have reported eLiquid on eBay for the last six months, and most of these same items are up for sale. reports have been filed with the FDA and AG over four months ago, yet nothing is done. They may penalize small businesses, but the deep pocket companies like eBay are allowed to do what they want with no penalties.


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