San Pablo street lights study shines line on highest-crime roads

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A study analyzing ways to improve lighting on San Pablo’s streets has shined a light on which roads harbor the most crime.

The city recently ordered a street light photometric study to assess its plans to add light-emitting diode (LED) street lights on roadways, which are brighter and more energy efficient than existing cobrahead high pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights, and also to add lighting in areas where they are needed.

The study identified streets where improved lighting would benefit both traffic and public safety, using San Pablo Police Department data to determine high-crime areas.

The study looked at two months of crime data from last summer and two months of crime data from winter 2015. It then divided the number of reported crimes by the street length to determine the number of crimes per mile. Here’s data from some of the highest-trafficked roads in San Pablo:

The streets with the highest rate of crimes per mile — San Pablo Avenue and 23rd Street, respectively — were considered the highest priority to receive lighting upgrades.

The study said crime data did not show a significant pattern or concern for local streets, and one recommendation is to perform upgrades on those roads when residents request them.

Still, some local streets considered by San Pablo police to be high in crime have been identified for upgrades, including: Sanford Ave.; California Ave.; Emeric Ave.; Pine Ave.; Bush Ave.; Sutter Ave.; Post Ave.; Dover Ave.; Folsom Ave. and Market Ave.


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