San Pablo celebrates grand opening for Jelly’s Place animal shelter

San Pablo celebrates grand opening for Jelly's Place animal shelter
Photos by San Pablo Economic Development Corporation.

A grand opening event was held today for Jelly’s Place Animal Rescue in San Pablo, a nonprofit providing care and placement for cats and dogs who are abandoned and homeless in West Contra Costa County, according to the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation, which hosted the event and posted photos on Facebook.

Located at 2905 San Pablo Dam Road, Jelly’s Place was founded this year by Julie Bainbridge, who has been rescuing, fostering and finding homes for animals for more than a decade, according to San Pablo EDC. Her nonprofit is named after her beloved English bulldog who died last year.

Assisting at the shelter is Maria Artle, who organizes Martina Animal Rescue, which helps hospitalized veterans feed their dogs and with flea meds, San Pablo EDC said.

Julie Bainbridge (left) and Maria Artle (right)

The pair was among the nonprofit members celebrated Monday in a grand opening event that featured appearances by San Pablo City Manager Matt Rodriguez, who also serves as executive director of San Pablo EDC, San Pablo Police Chief Ron Raman and a proclamation by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond‘s office.

Along with taking in West County’s abandoned dogs and cats, Jelly’s Place works with a group in China called Slaughterhouse Survivors, which saves dogs en route to be killed for food or rescued for other dire situations.

Jelly’s Place needs both volunteers and donations in order to ensure the best outcome for its furry residents. That includes volunteers to foster young or si​ck animals in their homes, and to help socialize animals at its shelter, along with feeding, cleaning, yard work, office help, printing services, and grant writing, according to San Pablo EDC. Volunteer orientation are held at the shelter on Saturdays at 10 a.m.

Jelly’s Place also needs donations of blankets, old newspapers, dog and cat food, kitten and puppy formula, c​at litter, pet beds, toys, and money for fund food, litter, and veterinary care.

Adoption fees include vaccinations and spay/neuter costs. For cats over 1 year old, the fee is $125, and for kittens its $150. For cats 7 years and older, the fee is $75.

Adoption feed for dogs and puppies are between $250 and $500 depending on the breed. The fee for senior dogs is between $150 and $300 depending on the breed.

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