Nonprofits have until May 18 to apply for San Pablo youth-focused funds

Nonprofits have until May 18 to apply for San Pablo youth-focused funds

Nonprofits and public agencies have until 5 p.m. on May 18 to submit applications for funds offered through the City of San Pablo Team for Youth program.

This is the 4th application funding cycle for the city program aiming to enhance and/or expand school-based programs and services for children, youth, and families.

The program has led to partnerships that have added important resources and services in the community. For example, a partnership with Bay Area Community Resource (BACR) has provided a full time Community School Coordinator for both Helms Middle School and Dover Elementary School, and a full time Case Manager for Lake Elementary School, according to this city.

The funds also allowed the city to expand its partnership with Bayview Elementary School and Riverside Elementary School to deliver a program outside of school hours, including hiring additional part-time after school instructors to allow for the expansion of the program by 20 students, the city said.

“Being a partner to our schools and nonprofits allows the city the opportunity to lend support to organizations that are on the frontlines of helping local children, youth, and families,” said Greg Dwyer, Community Services Director, City of San Pablo.

Added San Pablo City Manager Matt Rodriguez:

“When you invest in the children, youth, and families of a community, you aren’t just investing in today, you are investing in the future of a community.”


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