BART to provide late-night service for New Year’s Eve revelers

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Photo credit: BART

BART will operate late into the night to help New Year’s Eve revelers get home safely.

The transit agency will run regular Saturday service “but with an extended closing time and extra event trains,” according to the transit agency.

The regular last trains of the evening on the Yellow, Blue and Orange lines will be dispatched from the end of their lines at midnight and then at 1 a.m. BART will run another set of last trains of the evening to serve 48 out of the 50 stations (all but the airport stations). These last trains will be timed to easily transfer to other lines to get home.

The last East Bay-bound train will run through downtown San Francisco at about 1:30 a.m. The last southbounds train heading toward Millbrae will run through downtown San Francisco at 2:10 a.m. 

Trains will wait at MacArthur, 12th St. and Bay Fair for timed transfers. Extra event trains will run during the last hour of service to provide direct service.