What should San Pablo’s slogan be for 2021?

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Photo credit: Mike Kinney

Fill in the blank: “San Pablo 2021: The Year of ____.”

Since 2012, San Pablo began instituting an annual slogan to promote community pride and civic engagement and teamwork within the community. In 2020, the selected slogan has been “The Year of Collaboration.”

In selecting a slogan, the city conducts online surveys asking residents to fill in the blank with a word that could best describe the upcoming year.

This year’s slogan candidates include:

  • Year of Perseverance
  • Year of Reliance
  • Year of Strength

The theme/slogan for Calendar Year 2021 must be approved by majority vote on council, and will then be promoted at City Hall and in the community throughout the year.

Residents have until Nov. 30 to cast their vote for one of the three proposed slogans. You can cast your vote by clicking here.