San Pablo officer recognized for restraining unruly passenger on flight


A San Pablo police officer was recognized for heroism at Monday’s San Pablo council meeting following an off-duty incident in which he restrained an intoxicated passenger on a flight.

On Jan. 29, Officer Robert Arguello boarded Delta Flight 2986 from San Francisco to Atlanta for a family vacation. During that flight, a drunk passenger became disruptive with two flight attendants.

“He saw that flight attendants needed help with the unruly passenger, as he had already assaulted one passenger and was kicking crew members,” San Pablo Police Chief Ron Raman said. “Officer Arguello immediately sprung into action. He identified himself as an off-duty police officer and assisted in physically restraining this passenger, who was uncooperative, until the pilot could make an emergency landing in Salt Lake City.”

The suspect was then handed to federal and local authorities.

Chief Raman said the situation could have gotten much worse without the actions of Officer Arguello, who has served the San Pablo community for five years as a police officer.

“Very proud to have him as one of our officers,” the chief said. “Definitely a true depiction of what a San Pablo police officer should be.”

San Pablo Mayor Rich Kinney agreed, saying the city is “very appreciative” of Officer Arguello while presenting the officer with a plaque.