Chevron Richmond largest user of reclaimed water in Bay Area


There are many different employees that help the refinery run safely, reliably and efficiently. And one of those individuals is Mauricio Molina. In his new role as the strategic planning manager, Mauricio spends his time developing the plans and reviewing current performance data to optimize our operations.

One of the areas that Mauricio is most passionate about is how to minimize the refinery’s impact on the environment.  And an opportunity that he believes is most significant is water conservation. 

Mauricio knows that fresh water is a fundamental social, environmental and economic resource that needs to be managed responsibly, which is why he works every day to actively improve our performance in this area.

Refineries need water to run reliably and make the products we all use every day like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and lubricants.  Chevron uses water in its boilers and cooling towers to produce steam and electricity, which is used during the refining process.

Much of the water that Chevron uses at the Richmond Refinery is recycled water that comes from a local municipal waste water treatment plant.  That water is treated at the Richmond Advanced Recycled Expansion (RARE) treatment facility, which is located within the refinery property and produces up to 3.5 million gallons of recycled water per day for refinery operations.  Chevron’s use of recycled water helps save fresh water for use in homes and by other potable water customers. 

Using recycled water at the Richmond Refinery comes with extra costs, making us a unique customer and partner.  In fact, Chevron invested approximately $50 million when it partnered with the Easy Bay Municipal Utilities District to build the RARE plant.  Chevron also bears ongoing operational costs associated with the RARE facility. 

But because of Mauricio and his team’s efforts to invest in and maintain the RARE facility, the Richmond Refinery is now the largest user of reclaimed water in the San Francisco Bay region, with approximately 60-percent of water drawn from recycled sources.  That’s enough water to supply 16,000 homes (46,000 people) on a daily basis.

Mauricio is proud to share that Chevron has received the Water Customer of the Year at the WateReuse California Annual Awards in previous years and he and his team continue to do their part to help the Refinery conserve water every day.


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