Meet Kaleia Pree, Document Control Specialist


Tell us about your job.

As a Document Control Specialist on the Modernization Project, I serve as the liaison between the engineers and Chevron. I review permits and documents for construction drawings, ensuring the craftsmen are working off of updated information when they’re in the field.

How did you find your job on the Modernization Project.

I am a contractor with Cherne. I heard about the opportunity through For Richmond, a nonprofit that helps connect residents to local job opportunities. I interviewed with Akeele Carter, who is the Local Hire Job Coordinator for the Modernization Project. She made sure I was equipped for the job and helped me submit the application. As a contractor, it has been great to work at a place like Chevron. When companies and contractors align to work towards a common goal, successful projects happen.

Tell us about your background?

I was born and raised in the Richmond area and graduated from El Cerrito High School. I have administrative experience but this is my first time working at the Richmond Refinery. I have enjoyed my time so much that I enrolled in the Regional Occupational Program to learn more refinery-specific skills that could help me find a full-time position at a facility like the Refinery after Modernization is completed.

Tell us more about non-construction related Modernization jobs.

There are a lot of opportunities for residents who don’t have construction-based skills, like me, to work on the Modernization Project. In fact, I’d say non-construction jobs are the backbone of the project. And there are many different types of these non-construction jobs such as finance managers, security guards, parking guards, cooks, administrators; the list goes on.

What advice would you give to residents who are looking to get involved with the project?

My biggest piece of advice is to open your mind. It is rare today to find jobs that pay a living wage and only require a High School Diploma or GED. Don’t fear the unknown. Even as a contractor, I am treated no differently than permanent employees. It really is a welcoming family. As one of the first people hired on for the project, it has been amazing to see how it has progressed over this past year and meet many Richmond residents that are now both co-workers and friends.

What is it like to work at the Richmond Refinery?

The Richmond Refinery is a family environment and constantly encourages you to succeed. Here, you can plant your seed and let it grow; it is a place that facilitates careers, not just jobs. Working here also makes you want to give back to your community – I see how Chevron is continually giving back, from remodeling parks and elementary schools to granting scholarships for students; this really inspires me to want to give back, too.