What We Do: Refinery 101


From providing high skill jobs that pay competitive wages, to supporting local businesses and non-profit organizations, to paying taxes that fund essential public services, Chevron has been an important part of the Richmond community for more than 113 years.

We are also proud to produce the world’s cleanest transportation fuels in one of the cleanest refineries in the world. From gasoline to diesel and jet fuel, our products fuel the Bay Area economy and improve the quality of life for all its residents.

The City of Richmond and Chevron have a proud heritage and, together, we have a bright future. We are dedicated to helping Richmond reach its greatest potential by making investments to modernize our refinery, helping to improve Richmond schools and creating career-building opportunities for local residents.

We recently launched a new video that highlights the work we do at the Richmond Refinery. You can watch it here or below:

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