Get to know Megan Bleckinger, a Refinery Shift Leader


EMPLOYEE NAME: Megan Bleckinger

JOB AT CHEVRON: Refinery Shift Leader


EDUCATION: B.S. and MChE. in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, B.S. in Chemistry from Carlow University

Tell us about your job at Chevron.

As a Refinery Shift Leader, it’s my job to ensure the plant is running safely and we stay within environmental compliance. I am part of a team that oversees the refinery 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love being able to get away from my desk and work with people in the field. The people here make the job challenging and fun at the same time. The people here are awesome.

Where do you live?

I live in Point Richmond with my husband, two children and dog. We relocated here because of Chevron. We have been part of the community for 8 years and really enjoy all of the different things Richmond has to offer.

Tell us about applying for the job – did you need special requirements?

There are two paths to becoming a RSL. Some team members have a college degree in chemical or mechanical engineering and work through a series of progressively responsible technical jobs inside the facility. Others tend to come through the operations side of our business and have a high school diploma, associate’s or college degree.

Do you have any advice for other Richmond residents interested in working for Chevron?

Check out the Regional Occupational Program. It’s a great way to gain skills needed to succeed in our industry, and as a Richmond resident, it gives you a leg up in the posting process. If you’re interested in becoming an engineer, then do well in science and math and apply for engineering school in a 4 year college program.

What is the Real Richmond to you?

The Real Richmond is a tight knit and welcoming community. There is also great outdoor space, good weather, a lot of events that bring people together and great views.

What’s your favorite place to go out in Richmond?

My husband and I really enjoy the Four2Nine Wine Bar (45 Washington Ave.) in Point Richmond. The food is great and it’s also a good place to get to know your neighbors. We also like to eat at Kao Sarn Thai restaurant (130 Washington Ave.).

What’s a common misperception about Chevron that you would want to clarify?

A lot of my friends ask about the clouds over the refinery. They think it’s pollution, but it’s really steam or water vapor that is used during the refining process.

Anything else you want folks in Richmond to know?

We really do want to be good neighbors and I personally always try to do the right thing.