Why the election mattered


A statement from Chevron Richmond:

For more than 112 years, the Richmond Refinery has been proud to serve as a vital part of Richmond –creating jobs for residents, supporting small businesses that drive the local economy, paying taxes that fund essential public services and supporting programs that train workers and prepare students for the future.

The policies enacted at the local level help determine how businesses, big and small, can be successful. The question for Richmond is: Will local leaders recognize that business is integral to the city’s success? Or, will city leaders continue to oppose efforts to create growth, preferring instead to watch the business climate – and the prosperity that business helps generate – decline.

Our position is that the city needs the former. We are willing to invest in the future of the city with our $1 billion modernization project, which would create a newer, safer, cleaner refinery that is better for Richmond and its citizens. The Richmond Refinery already provides jobs for 2,200 people and supports scores of local suppliers who depend on our business and modernization will create more opportunities.

Chevron has been fully transparent regarding our participation in this election. We provided funding through Moving Forward, an independent expenditure campaign committee that includes local labor unions, businesses and public safety organizations. This money was used to fund direct communication with voters so they could make informed decisions about which candidates are best able to lead Richmond.

The amount of money we spent to inform voters must be viewed in the context of the more than $500 million in local taxes, social investment and spending on local vendors from Chevron over the past five years, and our $90 million social and environmental commitment to the city that will follow once our $1 billion refinery modernization is allowed to proceed.

As the city’s largest employer and with such a large investment in this city, Chevron chose to participate in the election to make sure its voice was heard, and to provide the resources to help inform voters.

Chevron respects and acknowledges the outcome of the election. Going forward, our intention is to work with the new City Council to find common ground and to continue advocating for sound policies that allow Richmond to grow and thrive.

This city, which we have proudly called home for so long, has far more opportunities than challenges. We hope the council will focus on realizing those opportunities. Chevron will continue to partner with those in the city who want to turn those opportunities into reality and thereby improve the lives of all residents of Richmond.