San Pablo police lauded for using tech aimed at pursuit risk reduction

San Pablo police praised for using technology that reduces risks from pursuits

Fleeing from a pursuit by San Pablo police isn’t as easy or as dangerous as it used to be thanks to technology, according to the department.

The San Pablo Police Department announced Monday it was recognized at the 2018 International Association of Chiefs of Police with a “Commitment to Excellence Award” by Starchase, LLC. 

Over the past year, SPPD has been using Starchase pursuit management and GPS tracking technology to mitigate the risk of police pursuits. The technology shoots a tracking device on a suspect vehicle, often before the pursuit begins, that allows police to track the vehicle’s whereabouts and thus avoid dangerous chases through city streets.

“The San Pablo Police Department has outfitted most of our patrol vehicle fleet with this state of the art technology and it has been a great success,” police said.

This YouTube video explains the Starchase technology:


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