Marijuana biz proposed near El Cerrito, Richmond border

Photo: Mills Commercial Real Estate via

A public meeting is set for Tuesday, June 26 in El Cerrito City Council Chambers to discuss an application to open a marijuana dispensary at the Bishop Center at 11886, 11888 and 11896 San Pablo Ave., across the street from the Home Depot.

The dispensary aims to locate in a 4,125 square foot space near the elevated BART tracks. It proposes to sell various cannabis products and accessories from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days per week, according to a public notice by the city posted below this article.

If approved, the marijuana business would contribute 5-percent of its gross revenue to the city of El Cerrito to support public safety and other services, and another 1-percent of gross revenue to support graffiti abatement, homeless outreach and litter clean-up.

El Cerrito residents are encouraged to visit City Hall to review the application and provide feedback. A final decision on whether to approve the application won’t happen until after July 3.


  1. Good news that a cannabis dispensary will be located nearby in El Cerrito, especially since the FDA just approved CBD for public use.

  2. Bad Idea. Why such a large facility?
    Why such uncontrolled store hours, 8 am to 10pm? What are they, CVS?

    Why are they only contributing 5% to the city. The original proposal was 9%!
    why so close to the bart trail that is littered with attacks on individuals?