El Cerrito del Norte station sting targets disabled parking misuse

El Cerrito del Norte station sting targets disabled parking misuse
Photo: DMV

Three people were cited at the Del Norte BART station in El Cerrito for using disabled parking placards belonging to someone else, while four citations were given to people parking in disabled spots — all part of a three-hour police sting at the station.

The recent operation was “an effort by police to keep disabled parking spaces and time restricted zones available to people who are disabled,” according to El Cerrito police.

Those misusing disabled parking placards or license plates can be fined not less than $250 and not more than $1,000. Additionally, the parked vehicle receives a $275 parking citation.

“Many of the people we contacted who were legitimately using a disabled placard were appreciative of our efforts to keep the disabled parking spots available for those that need them,” police said, adding that they will continue to seek out violators during normal patrols.


  1. Excellent. There are many people in Richmond who have no shame in using handicap placards they either don’t need or that don’t belong to them. This is in nearly every case just so they don’t have to walk a few extra feet to ample available parking spots.
    These type of stings should happen in Richmond as well in addition to some badly needed general traffic enforcement.
    The speeding, 360 tire burn outs and reckless driving habits are getting out of control.
    If the city wishes their downtown development to succeed these are some basic things that had better be dealt with.

  2. Misuse is rampant around Richmond. Yes go to the Del Norte BART Station, Safeway (just across the way) or Dollar Store Parking Lots. There you will find your gold mine of offenders and some other illegal activity as well.


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