Montalvin Manor Elementary holds carnival to celebrate successes


Montalvin Manor Elementary School in San Pablo has had a lot to celebrate this year.

The school was named a top Bay Area School for its success with low-income English language learners in the area of literacy; earned a Gold Ribbon designation recognizing outstanding public schools; received a No Place for Hate designation; and celebrated its AAA status.

To honor the overall achievements of its students, faculty and parents, the school held a Community Carnival on Tuesday, May 31. The fun event enjoyed about 600 attendees and included a catered BBQ, scholastic book fair, tables educating parents about programs and successes, and fun educational activities.


The carnival included participation by a number of community organizations such as Community Resources for Sciences, which served up STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and math) projects for kids to do during the event.

And perhaps the best part was when Principal Katherine Acosta-Verprauskus, a key driver in the school’s growth, was pied in the face by students who had shown the most growth this school year.

“We called it a carnival to make it more fun for kids and we had a great turnout,” the principal said, describing the event as “Fun all around.”







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