#drivingclean campaign launched to get more locals into hybrid and electric cars

#drivingclean campaign launched to get local residents into hybrid and electric cars

The push to get local, low-income residents into hybrid and electric vehicles has evolved into a hashtag.

In January, we told you about a nearly $1 million grant from the California Air Resources Board to provide eligible Bay Area residents, including those in Contra Costa County, with financial assistance toward the purchase of a fuel-efficient vehicle. Such a vehicle would benefit the environment, save individuals money at the pump and provide them with better access to jobs, education, healthcare and other assets, according to the Community Housing Development Program (CHDC).

To get the message out about the program, CHDC has launched a #drivingclean campaign through its Facebook and Twitter accounts. The campaign offers details about the program and also curates news and educational information about the green car industry. Its Facebook page Monday included a story by The Guardian with the headline: “Electric cars will be cheaper than conventional vehicles by 2022.”

Until electric cars are that cheap, however, CHDC says its program can help. Find more information about the program at drivingclean.chdcnr.com.


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