Milo Foundation installs state-of-the-art kennels with help from community volunteers

Milo Foundation installs state-of-the-art kennels with help from community volunteers

Since leasing its 5,000 square foot digs at 200 S. Garrard Blvd. in 2013, the Milo Foundation has accomplished significant physical improvements to the space that have livened the industrial strip.

On the drive by the facility, volunteers with the nonprofit that provides sanctuary and adoption services for homeless animals can be seen walking happy pooches along the sidewalk. From the roadway, new enclosed outdoor yards can be mistaken for children’s playgrounds.

In the past few weeks, the Milo Foundation’s space continued its swift evolution with the ongoing installation of state-of-the-art kennels.

milo.8-4The new kennels are designed to greatly improve the lives of animals at the facility, said John Fonseca, outreach coordinator for the Milo Foundation (pictured above). The kennels provide more space for animals. The half-wall on some kennels prevents over-stimulation for certain dogs at the busy facility. They are also easier to clean and maintain, Fonseca said.

Their construction is nearing completion and continues Wednesday.

As with most projects at the facility, volunteers from the community played a large role in their installation. Among those neighbors are employees from the nearby Chevron Richmond Refinery.

“We appealed to [Chevron]; they’ve got folks who are skilled and like this stuff,” Fonseca said.

Chevron volunteers have helped in the past on various projects at the animal sanctuary, from painting walls to securing the dog yard, Fonseca added.

The Milo Foundation also operates a 283-acre animal sanctuary in Mendocino County.



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