Renovated Richmond Swim Center scheduled to be completed in mid-July

Richmond Swim Center likely to reopen to public in late October, city officials say

This new pool aims to blow the old one out of the water.

A major rehabilitation of the Richmond Swim Center is scheduled to be completed in mid-July, city officials said.

The public pool on the Kennedy High School campus has been closed since April of last year to undergo $7.6 million in improvements. Most swim programs were relocated to the Richmond Plunge.

According to City Manager Bill Lindsay’s newsletter from last week, the project was in the “the finishing touches” stage and staff was set to be trained on new facility features. In a June 10 report to the West Contra Costa Unified School District, which is funding the rehab, the project was listed as 92-percent done and set for completion by June 30.

Renovations include significant roof work, improved lighting, a new air conditioning system as well reconfiguration of the existing swimming pool and a new deck.

The old pool needed the work. Along with general wear and tear, the former swim center, which was constructed in the early 1990s, suffered from moisture damage related to an imbalance in the water temperature and the air conditioning system, according to a report last year from Mayor Tom Butt’s e-forum.


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