Packing heat: Driver’s Wingstop order loaded with more than fried chicken

Packing heat: Driver's Wingstop order loaded with more than fried chicken

This meal packed all kinds of heat.

Richmond police said they found several “hot” items inside a vehicle they pulled over in the Iron Triangle neighborhood on Sunday. Inside a bag of Wingstop chicken wings, police located a loaded .40 caliber pistol, police Sgt. Felix Tan said.

The incident unfolded at 2:11 p.m. when a police officer pulled the Richmond man’s vehicle over at 17th Street and Bissell Avenue because he was blasting his music while driving in the area.

heat2.6-12The driver was on probation with a search clause, and on top of that the car reeked of marijuana, Tan said. A subsequent search of the vehicle uncovered the pistol inside the bag of chicken wings on the backseat.

“It is unconfirmed, but the flavor of the wings was allegedly ‘hot,’ like the gun,” police remarked on the department’s Facebook page, adding that the weapon was not believed to be a “gift with purchase.”

The suspect was arrested without incident.


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