Cesar Chavez Elementary students write to President Obama, receive heartfelt response

President Obama also 'bugged' about Richmond space weapons resolutions

The third and fourth grade classes at Cesar Chavez Elementary School in Richmond sent such persuasive essays to the White House, they received a response from the Obama Administration, according to the West Contra Costa Unified School District.

The students wrote essays to President Obama voicing their concerns about the community. The third grade class explained why Cesar Chavez Day, which is recognized in California, should be a national holiday, while the fourth grade class wrote about the need for healthy options in the school cafeteria.

“I asked the President if he can tell Michelle Obama, [since] right now she is helping schools with their food, that she could make our school’s food a little better,” said Leonardo Preciado, a fourth grader in Adrian Wilson’s class.

cesar.5-28The students not only received a “heartfelt response” from the Obama Administration, but also a package of portraits of the First Family with fun facts, WCCUSD said. The letter addressed Obama’s view on the issues they presented along with a special thank you letter to the teacher.

“I knew he would at least send something back, but I wasn’t expecting all of this,” said third grade teacher Michelle Layer. “This letter to me personally brought tears to my eyes. It was really sweet.”

cesar.5-28-1As a part of this year’s curriculum at Cesar Chavez Elementary, students are “tying their life situations with the common core, Principal Jeannette Ramirez said.

“They’re writing to some pretty awesome people,” Ramirez said. “It’s important to connect the social emotional aspect with the academic (writing). It just brings it together. And look at the results; you have positive experiences for kids.”



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