Richmond police name hotspots for car theft in city

Richmond police name hotspots for car theft in city

The Richmond Police Department on Friday revealed hotspots for car theft over the last two months in the city.

The department did so in advance of a crime prevention walk scheduled for Saturday residents to protect their vehicles from auto theft.

Here were the hotpots for auto theft during the months of April and May:

Railroad Avenue, Pt. Richmond:  Thefts occurring often in the evenings as victims have been leaving valuables in their cars, and not protecting older model cars like Honda Accords, Honda Civics, and Toyota Camrys with anti-theft devices. Removing all attractive items from your car helps you avoid theft and burglary, police said.

26th and Garvin and the area around Wendell Park: Older model vehicles without an anti theft device are often targets for thieves.

Civic Center, Barrett side:  Car thieves are paying attention to your valuables. RPD is asking residents to do the same and remove all attractive items from your car. An anti theft device like a wheel lock can greatly reduce your risk of having your car stolen.

Pennsylvania and 16th-19th streets: About four auto thefts in this area in the past month.

S. 22nd and S. 23rd corridor: RPD asks that you use good crime prevention techniques, like locking your car doors and taking out attractive items from your car.

Pacific East Mall parking lot: While you shop, don’t let thieves shop in your car, says police. Thieves like parking lots. Movie theaters, malls, gyms, you name it. They know you will be away for awhile.

To recap how not to be a victim of auto theft:
1. Take your keys out the ignition. It seems like a no brainer, but we have seen people leave their keys in their car.

2. Lock your doors. It is the first thing that a thief will check.

3. Take all valuables out the car. Even that horrible sweater that your aunt gave you for Christmas and your gym clothes.

4. Close your windows. Don’t leave them rolled down.

5. Park in a well lit area if you can.

6. Use an anti theft device. Many low cost ones like steering wheel locks can help. There are also key fob systems and others that you can look into. If you have an older model car like a Honda Accord, a Honda Civic, a Toyota Camry, an Toyota Corolla, or a Chevy Silverado, get an anti-theft device. These are commonly stolen cars.

And if you sense any suspicious activity, please call (510) 233-1214 #0.


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