Neighbors asked to join community renovation of Richmond’s John F. Kennedy ballfield Saturday

Former major leaguer Bip Roberts to speak at community rebuild of JFK ball field

Neighbors are being asked to volunteer their time this Saturday for a daylong community effort to renovate the John F. Kennedy Park ballfield in Richmond.

In April, the field at Cutting Boulevard and 41st Avenue won an award from TLC for Kids to receive a much-needed renovation, which includes fencing and dugout work, field grading and refurbishment, backstop refurbishment, base installation, spectator access and improvements, painting, landscaping, and various park improvements.

TLC for Kids is a nonprofit run by general contractor O.C. Jones & Sons Inc. that teams with community groups and KNBR to improve Northern California fields that are in dire need of tender, love and care.

For Saturday’s renovation of JFK Park’s ballfield, the nonprofit is joining forces with Alta Vista Solutions, the City of Richmond and KNBR for a daylong renovation project that runs from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Volunteers will play a major role in the project. In order to participate, volunteers need to RSVP to Jennifer Sebay at or (510) 809-3421 (see flyer below for more info).


The event is a kickoff for a number of park renovation projects planned by the city this year.

This is certainly not the first time an outside investor has swooped into Richmond to fix up kids’ play fields. Last year, the Oakland A’s partnered with the community to renovate the Martin Luther King Jr. Ballfield, and the Warriors did the same with the same park’s basketball courts. Several years ago, the Oakland Raiders helped fund the renovation of the MLK Jr. football field.

Public, private and community partnerships have also led to significant renovations of Richmond’s playgrounds, including in Parchester Village and the Iron Triangle.



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